Birthday Gift!!!

Well okay! I was trying to do this for days *and finally finished*  
I did it for one of the very good.. He was always very polite, cute and perfect friend! :) 
so I made ​​this birthday gift to you for your special day ♥ 
You, Luna and Oli ..you're one of my best friends !! Thank you for everything all the time .. 
you taught me a lot !!
and sooo I just wanted to do something special to you for today! **birthday card**
I wanted to make a celebrate the birthday party with friends .. {half of the chibi} 

Okay..they are: 
Birthday boy >> Azz 
His girlfriend >> Olivia
His best friend >> Luna
Luna's boyfriend >> Damarthe *in fact he didn't want to come here* XD 
Olivia's fiance >> Salamon *but Olivia fall in love with Azz, i know..a complicated situation XD*
LOL comic character (and he's Luna's friend) >> Orcoo * He's trying to impress Enna XD I did something like that was inspired by this picture. [link] *
...and lastly My OC's 
Enna, Nacta, Magma and Marcus >> Nacta stuck in the bottom of the pie XDD and Enna takes advantage of that..so she appeared on his head ..for strawberries ;D 
and Magma's still trying to save boyfriend .. 
And Marcus sooo Marcus ahahha he is the same everywhere!! 
You know..he loves to read books! X'DDD LOL

OKAY!! that's all .. 
I think, there's nothing else to say ... 
again Happy Birthday tooooo youuuuuuu wish you have a great wonderful day!
... and I hope you like it!! :)

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KashmirTxH dedi ki...


CuBur dedi ki...

♥ YEAH!!!! :D

Tanja dedi ki...

I already saw it :D It's so cute ^^

CuBur dedi ki...

Thank you very much sweety ♥ im glad you like it ^-^

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