You belong to Me! ..

This is my new style ... No longer my comic like that! ^^ They are *Nacta and Enna*
I drew it as a continuation of this drawing 

Well ...They always feel different emotions for each other! Sometimes, Nacta seems like doesn't like her...but in fact, he's madly in love with her  *but still *he have to marry Magma** Yeah..i think, It's a bit complicated XD

Okay ok.. you will learn more in the comic.. ;D My comic will continue this week on friday ...and I hope you like them!! ^-^

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3 comment:

KashmirTxH dedi ki...

ENNAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHH GOD!! She's so HOT nad SEXY!! Nacta loos like swexy boy.. Ohh CuBur you're amazing :)) for me ;)) Please more OC MORE NACTA & ENNA MORE MORE :p

CuBur dedi ki...

ahahahhaha my sister is the best ^^ ♥ *ilove you comment*
Thank you so much sisi.. 'll try to be more :)

KashmirTxH dedi ki...

more more more more more Enna & Nacta please sweeieee... pleaseeeee!!!!

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