Me and my sister original characters of NisAra Comic. 

Golda : She is the main protagonist of the NisAra series. As well as she represents the fire element in zodiac. 
The one night, an unfortunate incident happened in an unexpected moment. And then her life changed in an instant. But, has a more difficult task awaits her. Now she must make a big decision about herself.

Marcus : He's the most powerful king of the universe and one of the main characters of NisAra series. Also one of the youngest MoonLeaf college students. To be "the most powerful force in the universe" ... is he only purpose in life. But in time all things will not go the way he wants ..

Roza : She is a shy and quiet character from the series NisAra. As well as she represents the earth element in zodiac and she is Golda's little sister. 

Raina : She is the second girl of the NisAra club to be introduced, the first being Golda. She represents the air element in zodiac. And she is known as the flirtatious of the group ..

Mermaida : She represents the water element in zodiac. she always looks with crazy clothes. And ocean means everything to her.

Gothar : He's a fighter and one of the MoonLeaf college students. Always battles with a large sword and can use powerful magic. Also he turns into a wolf and eagle. 

Enna : She's an ice queen. Also one of the youngest and beautiful MoonLeaf college students. Her has an irresistible charm. And she just fell in love with the wrong person.

Nacta : He is the second leader of the DarXdea group. Also Marcus's twin brother. He is very very egoist and lazy person..almost an exact opposite of his twin brother. He have always some issues with long relationships. 

Nero : He's one of the Nightsun college students. And Roza's boyfriend. He is the prince of kingdom of nature and also Aristocrat warrior who possesses the power to nature. 

Askook : He is the most different and mysterious of the group. No one knows anything about him life as yet. He have the power of the air and silver dark. And also is Raina's love interest. 

Omega : He's one of the shy and smart Nightsun college students. And Mermaida's boyfriend. He is the prince of underwater kingdom. Also have the power of water and half fish - half human.

Diamond : He is the sole heir of the kingdom of diamonds. And he is Golda's childhood friend. But always feels many different feelings for Golda. Also a brave warrior who possesses the power to fire and diamonds.

Ami : She's a fighter who works for Marcus.. as his bodyguard. She knows karate, aikido and kung fu. And also, she is Enna's stepsister.

Cassandra : She is a multicolored, cute and the most beany character in the NisAra series. Also she's a warrior and is good friends with Ami.

Elenora : She is a the most different character in the NisAra series. She is always a very naughty dark elf. And gets along well with Enna.

Magma : Princess Magma is a character from NisAra series. Princess and heir apparent to the throne of Aragon. Also she loves Nacta.. Have their marriage vows. And She have the power of the lava.

Voicie : She is a revengeful character from the NisAra series. Have the power of the sound waves and one of the Silverheart college students. 

Adolf : He is the brains of the group..very helpful and has a good personality. Also he is Zeluxe's love interest. And he has the ability to read minds and invisibility. He's a former member of Darkdea. But he is currently the only speaks with Nacta ..

Zeluxe : She is one of the Silverheart college students.. loves Adolf secretly. And have the power of swamp. Also have a bad history with Enna..

Kaiya : She is a warrior working for Tora. she was always trying to be better than twin sister. (Kaiyo)

Tora : She's a thief, warrior and a egyptian cat. To be "get Marcus's power of hypnosis" ... is she only purpose in life. She thinks herself superior to him..

Kaiyo : She is a warrior working for Tora. she was always trying to be better than twin sister. (Kaiya)


This is a short personality summary of my characters.. and also i've added new characters of my comic xD and I hope you can understand their personalities.
*I'm sorry for my english* I've tried so hard to translate x_x

and I hope you like this!! ^^ 

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