About drawing ...

Hello everybody!!

First of all, I'm truly sorry, everyone ..Because you know, i dont draw for a long time! And it's bad for me...I'm not online for a long time on Deviantart and so, no drawing..no comic! I miss it ..so, I think will come back as soon as possible.. on Deviantart.. for drawing.. comic.. requests..etc. hmm ....Maybe next week :) *I really miss my comic* oO
   Yeah!! I must do it ... :D Well, at the same time,
I have to admit, i've missed my blog ..and so, I feel much better now! YaY!! ^^
Okay! I guess that's all.. I plan to come back again with new drawings and new comic pages as soon!! nhayiii ...i was thrilled to this ***

ok ok! ..see ya next week ;)

*LoveU all*

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